Our platform designed
for the user

CityVitae has developed a propietary IT platform for hosts and drivers. It integrates a large number of functions that will help you manage your electromobility program.

Do you want to know how CityVitae can provide the most flexible turnkey solutions?

With the help of the ChargeHome platform, we design, manage and maintain your electric mobility plan

For Companies and Buildings

A platform that integrates all the functionalities for companies, institutions and buildings

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We inform you about the consumption of each user of the system.

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As your network grows, register new chargers in the system.

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1-Click Billing Solutions

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Register new users so they can upload to the network.

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We inform you of the most profitable users and chargers.

Our call center (24/7) is available to help you with any technical or commercial questions you may have.

See how to customize our applications with your logo and take advantage of the electromobility to give a boost to your brand

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 Different user profiles will be able to access different configuration options of your charger network.



Your clients or employees will also enjoy the advantages of Chargehome:

Receive a WhatsApp warning every time your state of charge reaches 80% and 100% thus optimizing your charging  process.

Get bonuses every time a friend enters the CityVitae network for the first time

Enable CityBook, the remote charger booking tool… because we don’t want to miss it!….

With the ChargeHome app, connect to your charger and launch or interrupt the charging process wherever you are.

Wherever you are, you can always find your nearest charger.

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With all our packs you have access to easy to consult and customizable consumption statistics.

Our call center (24/7) is available to help you with any technical or commercial questions you may have.

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The app takes well into account all your preferences. 

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