Evento… «CityVitae Participó En La Cumbre Latinoamericana Virtual ENERGÍA Y MOVILIDAD INTELIGENTES»

La Primera  Cumbre Latinoamericana Virtual de Energía & Movilidad Inteligentes ha sido un excelente evento para la puesta al día de  actualizarse en la situación  últimas tendencias en del mercado de la energía y movilidad inteligentes en LatAm. Los pasados días 13 y 14 de mayo Latinoamérica fue testigo de la 1ª Cumbre Virtual de Movilidad Sostenible y Energía Inteligente, encuentro que contó con la colaboración estratégica de más de 100 entidades internacionales y regionales y la participación de más de 25.000 profesionales de 40 países. Anna Mª Francino, Business Development, CityVitae
In the last three months, thanks to digital technologies we have had the opportunity to attend numerous online events. In general, this made up for the lack of on-site events, caused by the pandemic. However, at some points we have felt an over-abuse of these new marketing and communication strategies (some colleagues mentioned that in the same morning they were in three simultaneous webinars – one on the tablet, another on PC and a third one in the cell -😊). In the case of this summit, we are grateful for the work done by Latam Mobility in bringing together the main Latin American stakeholders in the smart electricity and mobility sectors. They provided us a clear post-Covid perspective of the sector in the short, medium and long term. CityVitae is pleased to see that for the different government actors, electric mobility continues to be one of their priorities in the medium and long term. According to Marcelino Madrigal, head of electromobility at the BID in Washington, “No one of the ten governments we were working with before the crisis, especially within the public transport fleets, has told us that electromobility is no longer a priority issue.” Congratulations LATAM Mobility! We would have appreciated a special session dedicated to charging points and the deployment of electromobility infrastructure, in both its technical/regulatory and commercial aspects, but we will certainly not miss the next Latam Mobility call!   More information about the event at Portalmovilidad.com Follow us on ! Anna Mª Francino, Business Development, CityVitae      

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