For employees and clients

Electromobility at work

Do you need to install electrical chargers in your company for your employees or clients?

CityVitae solutions help companies to use electromobility to attract more clients and take better care of employees
Lease your e-Parking and gain additional revenue with CityVitae. Call us for details.

What do we offer
for your company?

Embarq your clients and employees in the electromobility era with our business packs.
With us, lease your e-Parking and gain clients.

CityVitae in the
clients parking

We install and operate the chargers in your parking. Using CityVitae IT tools chargers are easy to use and will attract new customers.

CityVitae in the
employees parking

We install chargers for your employee in their company parking or in their private parking.

What is your benefit?

Employee or business parking lots (Restaurants, Hotels, Hospitals…) all of them will become the gas stations of the future.

CityVitae solutions are easy to install and even more to use!

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Charging time favors longer stays

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If your premises have chargers, increase the value of your property

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EV customers are more likely to go to locations that have chargers

More and more employees value the possibility of charging their electric car at work.

Our business chargers


AC EV charger



AC EV charger



AC EV charger



DC Compact EV charger