City Meter

for apartments, condos and businesses

Accurately measure the consumption of an electric vehicle charger

Real-time accuracy

CityVitae’ s City Meter is the easiest way to monitor and optimize the electricity consumed by your portable electric vehicle chargers at the various outlets in your home, office or parking space.

Allows a personalized monitoring, with a simple click, of the consumption of each individual socket. Receive real-time information by e-mail.


No permit required!!

With City Meter you can facilitate the installation of an EV charger on the parking lot's electrical network.

SMART technology

Its installation is also really easy and it is wireless, so that you can easily consult instantaneous or historical consumption data on your smartphone, tablet or PC.

Product Applications

• Condo
• Parking
• Office
… for any charger on any outlet


  • View hourly, daily, monthly or yearly consumption of any brand of installed charger in your e-Mail
  • Receive personalized reports and Electricity Bill Calculation
  • Integrated with CityVitae App
  • Get energy forecast and comparison charts

Key Features

  • IOT Monitor
  • DIN-Rail mounting fits neatly
  • Three phase and single phase
  • Input Voltage 80~265 V AC
  • CT Ratings up to 250A
  • Accuracy
    1. Voltage: ±1.0%
    2. Current: ±1.0%
    3. Active Power: ±1.0%
    4. Active Energy: Class 1 as defined by IEC62053

Elevate your EV charging experience with City Vitae

If you need a customised charging solution for your business or condo, you are in the right place.

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