If you're considering installing an electric charger in your parking lot, you're likely to have several questions. On this page, we've simplified and provided explanations for key terms to help you navigate the process more easily.

You should not. Our charging technology understands your EV Driving profile and adapts the charging rates to save you money.
You should not. In a well-designed EV Charging system, the wait time is minimal. At CityVitae we put our technology in motion to inform you of the right number and type of chargers for today and for the future, because no two clients are the same.
You should not. We save our clients thousands of dollars by implementing an evolutionary system. CityVitae advises on and designs the right capacity for your charging needs today and near future. This allows our hosts to evolve and grow their system over time in a very cost-effective way.
At CityVitae, we are very conscious of the challenges posed by Net Zero objectives. For this reason, our programs contain numerous proposals adapted to the most committed users and maximizes GHG emissions savings with important discounts.
Our goal is to grow hand in hand with our customers by providing a quality, local, turnkey service.
Almost any operational challenge you can imagine CityVitae can solve with our EV Charge Management Technology. We have a solution called “occupancy fee,” which sends a message to the driver asking to pick up their car once they are done charging. If the driver does not remove their car from the charger, they will start being charged per minute until they leave. This incentivizes a quick turnaround time of parking spaces.
Almost any operational challenge you can imagine CityVitae can solve with our EV Charge Management Technology. Our fee generation system is extremely flexible a discounted rate can be given to our clients at any time. This allow hosts to optimize charger use depending on the time of the day, and input other other factors about the driver such as “visitor” or “customer”.
Almost any operational challenge you can imagine CityVitae can solve with our EV Charge Management Technology. CityVitae has developed a compact measuring energy system, the City Meter, which reports and manages the energy consumed by electric vehicle chargers in the sockets of your office, parking lot, residence, or business. You will receive a detailed summary of information in your e-mail daily, monthly, and annually for each individual. Call us for more information about our City Meter solution.
There is no “ideal” number. Our team performs a custom analysis of your current and future charging needs, and will advise you on charging capacity and hardware needs (as it relates to both quantity and type of chargers) with your goals in mind. The most important thing is to build the installation in an evolutionary manner so that it can grow over time as adoption continues to grow.

We may not have an exhaustive knowledge of our competitors’ offerings, but we can share what our clients consistently tell us about why they choose to work with us:

  1. 1. Quality of Service and Responsiveness: The primary reason cited by our clients is the exceptional quality of service and the swift response from our team. Our objective isn’t simply to maximize our footprint; it’s to provide high-quality, localized service that caters to the diverse charging needs of our customers.

  2. 2. Ownership of Technology: CityVitae possesses full ownership of our charging and network management technology. This grants us greater flexibility compared to many other charger management entities, both large and small. We offer co-branding programs, customized charging rates, and a range of unique features that are exclusive to CityVitae.

  3. 3. Charger and Market Agnosticism: Unlike those solely focused on fast or slow chargers or specific markets, CityVitae technology is charger-agnostic and market-agnostic. Our extensive experience has shown us that every client requires a tailored analysis of their unique electromobility needs, and our clients value this personalized approach.

Ultimately, the best way to truly understand what sets us apart is to give us a call. We’d be delighted to discuss how CityVitae can meet your specific requirements.

If you have any questions about electric chargers and electromobility in general, do not hesitate to contact us.