Dynamic Charging & Software Solutions

to manage EV Charging

Charging solutions inspired by the highly adaptive needs of our users

What if the existing electrical power supply in buildings can’t provide enough energy to charge at the same moment all the electric vehicles parked?

With our intelligent technology, we can distribute the charging process based on the available energy at any given time and the specific charging requirements of each vehicle. This ensures that charging is done efficiently and in a way that matches the energy supply and individual vehicle needs.

Dynamic Charging

This technology is a significant advancement in EV charging management. When the total power consumed reaches the maximum limit set by the installation in the building (breakers panels or transformers), the system will distribute the available power among all connected vehicles using optimization factors like arrival time, battery charge level, user preferences, and time of day. This process continues until the power consumption falls below the maximum charging level. The power usage is efficiently adjusted based on the optimization criteria.

Benefits of this system

This technology allows chargers to be used in an area with limited electrical capacity

If 200 Amp Available...

Without Dynamic Charging

5 Chargers of 40Amps

With Dynamic Charging

Up to 20 Chargers of 40Amps

Elevate your EV charging experience with City Vitae

If you need a customised charging solution for your business or condo, you are in the right place.

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