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Opinion… “Costa Rica, A Benchmark For The Implementation Of Electric Mobility Through Simple And Effective Public Policies”

In the race for the adoption of electric mobility, Costa Rica has made a mix of operational, tactical and strategic decisions that turned out to be the key to becoming the undisputed leader in the region in terms of the percentage of electric car purchases versus the total number of cars registered in the country.

We analyze the essence of these decisions, their advantages and disadvantages and propose some advice that any country in the world could follow based on this return of experience.

Pere Francino, CEO, CityVitae

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Opinion… “Webinar ELECTRIC MOBILITY IN THE PACIFIC COAST REGION: The Consideration of the Social Value, Key Factor to Accelerate Public Investments”

Representatives* of 5 leading companies in the Latin American electric mobility market gathered last July 23rd in the webinar ELECTRIC MOBILITY IN THE PACIFIC COAST COUNTRIES to analyze online the situation in Chile, Colombia, and Peru.

(*) Karla Zapata for ENEL X Chile, Daniel Cámac for ENGIE Perú, Luis Díaz Granados for HINICIO Colombia, Jorge Vargas Romero for CONELSUR Perú and Jaime Parada for INGENIERIA DEUMAN Chile.

Anna Mª Francino, Business Development, CityVitae

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electric vehicle battery

Opinion… “EV Lithium Batteries: Another Unfounded Concern?”

In our last post, we have talked at length about how to promote the implementation of electromobility and what are the deterrent barriers for the potential buyer.

Among them, we find the price of the vehicle, the perception of insufficient battery autonomy, and the lack of enough public charging points to guarantee to recharge throughout the territory.

All these concerns proved to be unfounded and become an opportunity for car dealers to reconvert themselves into advisors delivering detailed explanations to their customers. Thus, the role of the salesman- adviser becomes essential to resolve such concerns.

With the growing awareness of the need to preserve the environment, potential consumers of electric cars also continue to wonder whether this switch to electric technology will really be environmentally friendly.

This concern focused on batteries leads to the question of what happens to them at the end of their life and whether their waste will represent an environmental hazard or whether, on the contrary, as in the case of range, or the number of charging points, it is unfounded.

Anna Mª Francino, Business Development, CityVitae

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Opinion… “The Importance Of Know-How Transfer To Boost Electric Mobility (EV)”

The deployment of charging infrastructure and the increasing number of EV models available are evidencing the fast change that is experiencing the EV market.

Yet, the EV market is still small.

In order to understand why and to be able to foresee its potential evolution over time, three key variables need to be explored: the cost of ownership, the EV charging infrastructure and the consumer behavior.

We have focused on consumer behavior in the U.S. and compared the findings of the study published this month by the Fuels Institute (FI) with those offered by the report of  McKinsey&Co published in January 2020. Both available at the end of this post.

Anna Mª Francino, Business Development, CityVitae

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Reference… “10 Tips On How To Make It, Or Not, In The Electric Vehicle Charging Business”

In the first quarter of the year we saw increases in electric vehicle (EV) sales of around 30% compared to the same period in 2019. After the closure of factories and car dealers due to the health crisis, the return to the “new normality” looks very different for the variety of companies in the automotive sector. Some will come out stronger, as is the case of Tesla, and others will simply not be able to reopen their doors (as the startup Faraday Future, which has filed for bankruptcy). In this context, and focusing especially on the EV charging sector, Thomas Daiber, mobility consultant, presents 10 actions and/or attitudes that determine the fact that the EV charging business is profitable for some companies and for others it is not.

Anna Mª Francino, Business Development, CityVitae

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Event… “Cityvitae Takes Part At The Latam Smart Energy & Mobility Virtual Summit”

The First Latin American Virtual Intelligent Energy & Mobility Summit has been an excellent event to update on the situation of the intelligent energy and mobility market in the American Southern cone.

On May 13 and 14, Latin America witnessed the First Latin American Virtual Summit on Sustainable Mobility and Intelligent Energy, a meeting that counted with the strategic collaboration of more than 100 international and regional entities and the participation of more than 25,000 professionals from 40 countries.

Anna Mª Francino, Business Development, CityVitae

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Reference… “Covid-19 Inspires Automotive Companies To Rebound In Five Stages”

We are in the midst of the greatest crises of recent times. All economic sectors are suffering and the automotive and electric-mobility ones are no exception.
Reality shows that in some places March has not been bad for the electric mobility. With record sales figures in France, Germany and Norway, for example.
In this context and with many countries starting to get out of confinement, it is interesting to think about strategies that can help us to recover successfully.
In this sense, the authors propose 5 stages for a total exit from the tunnel.
Nevertheless, we will be prudent and follow the figures closely in order to be prepared for the “new normal”.

Anna Mª Francino, Business Development, CityVitae

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Event… “Florida Trade Mission to Colombia November 2019”

CityVitae Has Evaluated As Very Productive Its Participation In The Trade Mission To Colombia, Framed Within The Gold Key Program Of The Us Embassy In Bogota And Organized By Enterprise Florida, Inc. (EFI). November 21st, 2019 Tallahassee, Fla. – Today, Lieutenant Governor Jeanette Nuñez highlighted her trade mission to Colombia, which took place from November 18-21.

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Event… “City Vitae Receives Key to Miami-Dade County”

November 7th, 2019   CityVitae’s CEO Pere Francino received a Key to Miami-Dade County from Mayor Carlos A. Gimenez, City Officials, and other local dignitaries. The City Vitae’s team joined the Miami-Dade Beacon Council for this special occasion at the 2019 Annual Meeting and Key Ceremony on Thursday, November 4th, 2019. With approximately 450 guests,

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Opinion: “Thinking: Fast and Slow. What challenges Singapore, Chile and Florida have in common for EV adoption?”

We have thought that RangeAnxiety plays an important role in explaining the slow evolution of electromobility comparatively among some regions of the world. Today we have enough information to demonstrate that the key activators of electromobility are others. In this article, I will analyze them in a comparative way between some countries. Ever since

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