Driving Change: Bridging The Gap Of EV Charging For Underserved Floridians

CityVitae proudly supports underserved communities in Brandon, Wimauma, and Plant City through our latest partnership with Sun Coast Community Health Centers.

HILLSBOROUGH COUNTY, FLORIDA, May 4, 2024 – As part of our commitment to expanding electromobility for all, CityVitae proudly supports underserved communities in Brandon, Wimauma, and Plant City through our latest partnership with Sun Coast Community Health Centers. Our data shows that there is a strong correlation between EV adoption and household income, suggesting barriers that need to be addressed in order to ensure equitable access. This initiative is helping to democratize the availability of state-of-the-art EV charging technology.

Sun Coast Community Health Centers, a cornerstone of healthcare in these communities, provides a range of medical services from dental care to pediatric and adult medicine. Their reputation as a reliable community resource and mission to bring essential medical services directly to those most in need makes them the perfect partner for our collaborative efforts to close technological gaps in these areas.

“We are proud to be part of the Sun Coast Community Health Center’s efforts to bridge the gap and provide affordable quality services to underserved communities. Clinics like Sun Coast were not designed to support EV charging. These cases would typically require expansive infrastructure upgrades to provide this valuable amenity, however CityVitae’s cutting-edge technology is able to surmount the physical and electrical constraints to provide cost-effective charging services. This project highlights how CityVitae’s innovative solutions are able to adapt older facilities to make EV charging feasible in every setting, no matter the initial limitations.”
– Pere Francino, CEO of CityVitae

As EV adoption continues to rise, it’s our mission to serve the places that weren’t built for it. We will continue to expand our services to allow more hosts to surpass physical and electrical restrictions, pulling down barriers and providing efficient solutions. CityVitae is proud to support an inclusive future where electromobility is accessible to all, regardless of economic background.

About CityVitae

CityVitae excels in simplifying the procurement and administration of electric vehicle charging stations, serving a diverse range of settings, such as shopping centers, residential complexes, office buildings, and condos.

Our collection of electric vehicle charging solutions and products combines industry-leading technology with the highest quality charging hardware. This includes acquisition and investment programs, advanced revenue management software, maximal utilization of available electrical capacity, and cutting-edge location technology.

These offerings are adaptable to any environment and minimize wasted time for both hosts during installation and drivers during the recharging process. This is the CityVitae difference.

Our unwavering dedication to transparency ensures that our customers receive top-tier data and exceptional customer service, from the initial acquisition phase to ongoing operation. We guarantee the accessibility and performance of our chargers, all while offering competitive energy rates to users.

Together, we are committed to promoting sustainable mobility and presenting compelling investment opportunities for our clients.

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