Opinión… “23 – NOV – 2018 MEM and UNDP organize E-Motor 2018, the public fair of electric vehicles in Peru”

The importance of electromobility for Peru

Electromobility is a measure with great potential to mitigate climate change. In this way, its incorporation would contribute to the fulfillment of the country’s international commitments (NDC) regarding the reduction of Greenhouse Gas emissions by 2030, in which our sector has an emission reduction target of 12.2 million tons of GHG. Electromobility also generates important co-benefits, such as the reduction of emissions of other pollutant gases and noise, so its massive implementation would generate improvements in people’s quality of life.

For this reason, the General Directorate of Energy Efficiency of the MEM and its Project “Appropriate Nations Mitigation Actions (NAMA) in the sectors of energy generation and its final use in Peru” of the UNDP, are promoting the electrification of the transport sector through the promotion of regulatory changes and the development of infrastructure for electromobility, as well as better and greater access to financing mechanisms, the implementation of dissemination programs at the national level, among other measures.

This mitigation measure is part of the National Energy Plan 2014-2025, the Referential Plan for Efficient Energy Use 2009-2018 and the Multi-Annual Sector Strategic Plan (PESEM) for the energy and mining sector 2016-2021.


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