25 Oct 2018 Conception Anacleto angelini

Concepción brings together international experts to discuss the challenges of the sustainable city towards 2050

Through talks, panels and workshops led by specialists, “Innovation 2050” seeks to reflect on the quality of life of people in the future linked to issues such as sustainable city, which will be analyzed in the capital of Biobío.

In order to disseminate and discuss social and technological megatrends, the UC Anacleto Angelini Innovation Center, in partnership with Duoc UC and with the support of Corfo, will hold the “Innovation 2050” meeting to analyze the challenges that will impact people’s quality of life in a period of thirty years. The meeting is free and will be held on October 24 and 25 in Santiago and Concepción, respectively.

“Innovation 2050” consists of talks, panels and practical workshops in order to promote innovative thinking through national and international specialists with a strong vision of the future. In the capital of Biobío, the meeting will deepen the theme of sustainable cities, mixing digital development that will accompany the growth of urbanization with the challenges posed by the circular economy.

The activities include a talk by José Antonio Chica, Head of Digital Transformation at Tecnalia Research & Innovation, who holds a PhD in Industrial Engineering with a specialisation in mechanics. He declares himself a fan and apprentice of his speciality, participating in projects such as Kubik, which consists of a completely modular, flexible and dismountable building, the only one worldwide for R&D in the development of industrialised and efficient products and equipment from an energy and acoustic point of view.

Alysia Garmulewyczi, founder of Materiom, a non-profit platform that works at the intersection of design, digital manufacturing, ecology and materials science, as well as being an international researcher at Oxford University, stands out. The specialist will give a talk on materials for a regenerative circuit economy and will also give a practical workshop focused on the creation of bioplastics.

The meeting will be held on October 25 at the Duoc UC Concepción headquarters free of charge with the only requirement to register on the website, which also contains all the details of the program.

About the UC Innovation Center

Promotes a culture and environment for innovation and entrepreneurship in the university and in the country, through meetings, networking and the promotion of joint projects between academia, the private sector and the public sector.

Belonging to the Vice-Rectory of Research of the Catholic University, the space is in line with excellence in the creation and transfer of knowledge and training of people.

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